How to Enhance Your Photos Using Photoshop in Three Simple Steps

Step 3

Sharpening an Image Using Smart Sharpen

What to Know: Whether your images come from a digital camera or a scanner, most images can benefit from sharpening, which enhances the definition of edges in an image. The degree of sharpening needed varies depending on the quality of the digital camera or scanner. Keep in mind that sharpening cannot correct a severely blurred image. Be aware that any sharpen filters can introduce noise, and therefore should be applied as a final step before output, after all image editing is completed.

  • Click the Filter drop-down menu located in the top bar of the application.
  • Hover over Sharpen and select Smart Sharpen. The various controls appear in the Smart Sharpen panel.
  • View the auto-effects made to the image and either click OK to complete the sharpen effects.


  • Make additional changes to the various sliders in the panel until the image has your desired effect. Click here to read more about how each slider will affect your image.
Smart Sharpen

Now your image should look enhanced with more vibrant colors and sharper edges!

I hope you found this tutorial helpful.  Thanks for stopping by!

Tomatoes After SmartSharpen