Audio Assignment: A Song for My Daughter

Audio Assignment from the DS106 Assignment Bank:
Solo Vocal Trio…or…A Song for My Daughter

*I am currently working my way through my fourth semester of the Information and Learning Technologies master’s program at University of Colorado, Denver.  This is the third post within a series of Creative Assignments that I’ve been tasked with completing for a course titled Digital Storytelling.

The audio assignment that I chose from the DS106 Assignment Bank is called Solo Vocal Trio:  “First, find a song that you feel comfortable singing in your natural register.  Record yourself singing it three separate times, and layer those together using your choice of audio editing software.  Do not use any effects for this, so try to pick an acoustic song relying mainly on the vocals.”

Mommy and SavannahI chose a song for my two-year-old daughter, Savannah.  She’s too young to judge and realize how poor of a singer mommy is!  (Be warned…it’s bad!)

The original song is Happy Together, by the Turtles.