Privacy in Social Networking and Media

Privacy in today’s digital world is a tough and tricky topic.  There would be no MySpace, Facebook, Google+, Twitter, etc., if people were really private with their lives.  But while there is a [...]

Facebook’s Fan Page

In my INTE 5665 course called Social Media and Digital Cultures, I was asked to explore the in’s and out’s of Facebook Fan Pages and to then share my thoughts on how I could use Fan [...]

MOOCs: Learning in a Networked World

Over the last eight weeks, I think I have read more articles and papers on MOOCs, than any other subject!  Luckily, I don’t mind this very much because all of the topics regarding MOOCs and [...]

Smart Color Usage

While working on my networked learning space in Google+ (come join my community!), I came across this article (below) that caught my attention.  It was originally posted to LinkedIn and [...]

Smart Font Usage

In everything that I design, whether it be an eLearning for work, a personal website, or even party invitations for a friend, I stress the most over font usage.  I stay up until 2am, practically [...]

Storyline 1 vs. 2 and Why I Want It!

When I was first told about Storyline, it was described to me as “PowerPoint on steroids.”  Now I didn’t know much about either of those things, but Storyline certainly sounded [...]

My Philosophy on Lifelong Learning

I am not a teacher in any traditional sense, but I do feel that I am an educator…at my job and in my life in general.  I offer freely the lessons I have learned in life and I am always open [...]