Daily Create #15: Postcards from Miami

#ds106 Daily Create: #tdc1576
Mix up a tourist slogan (real or made up) for one place with a picture of another place

*I am currently working my way through my fourth semester of the Information and Learning Technologies master’s program at University of Colorado, Denver.  This is the fifteenth post within a series of Daily Creates that I’ve been assigned to complete for a course titled Digital Storytelling.

Today’s Daily Create stated:  “It’s important to mess with reality a bit which is why I like this idea. Show an image of one place to promote tourism in another place that is obviously not that place.”

Having been born and raised in southern Florida, this one was easy for me…

Here’s a postcard from Miami, from me to you!

Fun in the Sun

*Header image from here.
*Postcard image found here, originally from here.