Daily Create #7: Create Your Own Impossible Dog

#ds106 Daily Create: #tdc1516
Invisibeagle? Tree Pug? Baloodle? Create your own Impossible Dog inspired by @Grantdraws

*I am currently working my way through my fourth semester of the Information and Learning Technologies master’s program at University of Colorado, Denver.  This is the seventh post within a series of Daily Creates that I’ve been assigned to complete for a course titled Digital Storytelling.

Today’s Daily Create stated:  “Invisibeagle?  Tree Pug?  Baloodle?  Create your own Impossible Dog inspired by @Grantdraws.  The world needs more dog breeds!”  The image that the post is referring to is a fun poster of impossible dogs, created by artist Grant Snyder.

I didn’t create an all new dog breed…I just turned my sweet, loving Boston Terrier named Frankie into a Boston Terror.  He looks dangerous, no?  😉

Boston Terror