Gallery Walk of Blog Posts by Students in Digital Storytelling

*I am currently working my way through my fourth semester of the Information and Learning Technologies master’s program at University of Colorado, Denver.  This post serves as a “gallery walk” of all the blogs of my fellow students within a course I’m taking titled Digital Storytelling.

For this gallery walk (which I’ve elected to compile in lieu of 3 weeks of peer reviews), I’ve gone through all of the blogs of my fellow students and selected posts that either impacted or impressed me in one way or another.  You can watch the video reflection and commentary on these selected posts or simply read the transcript of my narration (below the video) and click the accompanying links.  I hope you enjoy everyone’s work as much as I have!

Dustin’s Digital Story Critique

I chose this specific post by Dustin because I felt it really fit well with the work he’s been doing all semester.  I’m excited that he’s been able to find so many digital stories that not only fit with his semester’s theme, but are of such high personal interest to him.  It’s obvious in his writings that he is passionate about his theme and has learned a lot on the topic of brewing.

Logan’s Digital Story Critique

I selected this specific post by Logan because not only did he do such a wonderful job with his critique, but he did his critique on a piece that 10 weeks ago, I would never have thought of as a digital story.  The creator of the slideshow on National Geographic’s website opens the story by writing, “Ready for adventure?”  The slideshow itself does indeed tell its own story and I’ve learned this semester that there are so many different ways that digital stories can be told.

Susan’s Video Assignment

Susan did a Video Assignment from the DS106 Assignment Bank that really had me chuckling after I viewed it.  It’s not that the video was particularly funny, it’s just that after viewing it I thought, She picked out such a perfect pair for this assignment.  Because of the noise and the movements of the mixer, I think the song she paired it with fit so perfectly.  It’s like the mixers theme song!

Sara’s Digital Story Critique

I’m showcasing Sara’s critique on this Leekchi video because I was so entranced by the actual video that I’ve now watched almost every single one created by the maker and I’ve even engaged with her on social media!  Aube makes incredibly beautiful and heartwarming recipe videos and it’s Aube’s videos that helped me refine my own theme for the semester.  I also very much appreciated Sara critiquing another piece that 10 weeks ago, I would not have viewed so much as a digital story.

Jennifer’s Digital Story Critique

Jennifer’s Mashup Assignment from the DS106 Assignment Bank really made me and my husband smile.  These are two of his all-time favorite movies but in the end, he chose Forrest Gump.  I’m not a Photoshop pro or anything, but I thought Jennifer did an excellent job on getting Iron Man in there!

Mark’s Digital Story Critique

Mark’s focal theme for the semester has been adversity and he’s done a phenomenal job with finding and critiquing digital stories pertaining to people dealing with adversity in their lives.  Mark did a lovely job critiquing this specific story from a marine who talks about how he’s been able to cope with life after a roadside bomb killed all of his team members in Iraq in 2005.  It was a very emotional story that left me in a very contemplative mood.

Kristin’s Focal Theme

I chose Kristin’s post on her focal theme of motherhood, as it’s simply beautiful and one that could take her down so many different avenues!  There is just so much to the subject and I’ve admired Kristin’s decision to focus on something that means so much to her, but has also caused her so much heartache. It’s not easy to put yourself out there and I think she’s been so brave this semester to explore something so personal to her.

Darren’s Digital Response to Storytelling Text

I really liked Darren’s digital response to this particular week’s assigned reading because he moved away from simply writing about it did something completely different.  He used a combination of photography, audio, and the Powtoons software to create a sort of video/audio reflection on the chapter he read.  My favorite aspect to Darren’s work is how he wants to become so much more of a creator of digital stories and not just a consumer.  I’ve been incredibly grateful for the opportunity to both create AND consume our work for this semester!

Diane’s Personal Reflective Summaries

I can’t select just one of Diane’s posts because I appreciate everything she writes in her critiques, as well as her reflections.  Diane is incredibly passionate, open, and honest in her critiques, as shown here in her response to a chapter from Digital Storytelling.  I also like that she is very creative in her reflections as you can see here.

Alicia’s “Letter to My 16-Year-Old Self”

Alicia’s letter to her 16-year-old self was absolutely beautiful.  It was honest and both heartbreaking and heartwarming.  I love SO much that she put herself out there with this assignment and actually created such a wonderful digital story of her own.  I was extremely impressed.

TiAn’s Digital Story Critique

I’ve found some truly amazing digital stories to critique this semester, but Aube Giroux’s recipe videos really impressed me.  Her videos are not only beautiful and inspiring, but they evoke real emotion in her viewers, as any great digital story should do.  I loved critiquing this piece and realizing how much I’ve learned about digital storytelling as well as myself, through the focal theme I chose for this semester.