Smart Font Usage

In everything that I design, whether it be an eLearning for work, a personal website, or even party invitations for a friend, I stress the most over font usage.  I stay up until 2am, practically staring at the same three fonts over and over again, because I am never quite sure which one I should finally go with.  I’m a very confident designer, but fonts are my weak spot!

In the article l link to below, Tom Kuhlmann discusses the importance behind font usage when designing eLearnings.  It’s a quick read but quite informative.  I’ve never really given much thought to how people associate specific emotions with specific fonts.  If you check out the article, you can try out an interesting demo that Tom built that tests your ability to match fonts with their respective audiences.

Tom Kuhlmann Demo“You don’t need to be a professional typographer to build good elearning courses.  However, part of the course design is visual communication.  And in that sense, you do need to be aware of typography and how it contributes to visual communication.  It will only help your elearning courses be that much better.” – Tom Kuhlmann

“How Fonts Take a Starring Role in Your eLearning Courses”
by Tom Kuhlmann

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