My Philosophies on Instructional and eLearning Design

I firmly believe that all learning experiences should be engaging, creative, and challenging, but getting it “right” is not an easy feat.  Instructional materials need cater to several different learning styles, align with the goals of the department and/or organization, and most importantly, meet the needs of those who are learning from them.  As an instructional and eLearning designer, I know the importance of the systematic processes by which instructional materials (of all kinds) are designed, developed, and delivered.  But I also understand the importance of the creative processes that give instructional materials that extra “something” that makes them a little more special, a little more engaging.

When it comes to creating instructional materials and eLearning modules, my greatest strength lies in the design phase.  The design phase encompasses the project’s instructional, visual, and technical design strategies, the user interface and experience, the prototype creation, and the actual visual design of the materials.  I’m quite passionate when it comes to design and in my opinion, it’s one of the most important elements, as it can make or break your learner’s experience.  I use my eclectic background in graphic design, fine arts, and literature to communicate with visual designs that are not only pleasing to the eye, but intriguing to the mind.

Today’s world is ever-evolving and changing and it takes a lot to keep up with the times.  I work hard to stay on top of technology, design practices, and social media and I understand the roles they can play in not only educational settings, but in adult learning and corporate settings as well.  Click here to learn more about me or here to read my resume.  To see examples of my professional and academic work, click here.

There is so much involved in the design and development of instructional materials.  Here are several models, techniques, theories, and best practices that I utilize in my work:

Here are several experts and thought leaders who inspire, motivate, and teach me (in no particular order):