Visual Assignment: Selfie with Albert Einstein

Visual Assignment from the DS106 Assignment Bank:
The Forrest Gump Project…or…My Selfie with Albert Einstein

*I am currently working my way through my fourth semester of the Information and Learning Technologies master’s program at University of Colorado, Denver.  This is the first post within a series of Creative Assignments that I’ve been tasked with completing for a course titled Digital Storytelling.

The visual assignment that I chose from the DS106 Assignment Bank is called the Forrest Gump Project:  “Good ole’ Forrest Gump.  He always manages to find himself at the center of history, and using photo editing software, so can you.  Find a historic photograph and place yourself into the scene, just like Forrest Gump.”

I’ve always thought that Albert Einstein must have been quite a character.  He’s definitely on my “People I’d Like to Have lunch With” list!  So here we are…taking a selfie together after we’ve just had lunch.  He cracked me up throughout the entire meal.