Below you’ll find the header images that link to fifteen different Daily Creates, completed by me, throughout my time in INTE 5340: Learning with Digital Stories.

“The Daily Create provides a space for regular practice of spontaneous creativity through challenges published every day. Each assignment should take no more than 15-20 minutes. There are no registrations, no prizes, just a community of people producing art daily. Developed as part of the ds106 open course on digital storytelling, TDC is open to anyone who wants a regular dose of creative exercises (and it more fun than jumping jacks, pushups, and P90X).”

Click the images to visit each creative exercise.

Red Dutch Oven Header

“Capture the audio sounds of you knocking on a door, or a table, or some other material. Go for ordinary or go for strange (you know which we like).”


“Can you imagine a western scene reflected in a window of your home (or your computer, cellphone)?”







Shakespeare Quote Feature Image

“Use the Lingojam Talk Like a Cowboy Generator to convert some lines of William Shakespeare into cowboy talk. Then record it as an audio file in your best western voice, and post your audio file where we can all listen to it (like”


“There are rumors of buried treasure up in these Hills. Might be true. Might not be true. What you would need is a map. Make yourself a map of the buried treasure up here in the Hills.”








Both Sides Now

“Show us your clouds. Both sides. Now. In whatever form you choose.”

Radish Header

“Take a picture of something ordinary you thought is super beautiful. And tell us what makes it beautiful when others might not even notice.”








“Invisibeagle? Tree Pug? Baloodle? Create your own Impossible Dog inspired by @Grantdraws. The world needs more dog breeds!”


“Use the Farm/Ranch Name Generator to find an interesting name for your own Ponderosa.”







Hidden Faces Header

“In the grains of the front door. On the surface of the filing cabinet. The fruit display at your grocery store. The random collection of erasers on your desk. Yes, you might be going crazy. But you might as well document it for the Daily Create. Find a “face in the wild” and take a picture to share.”

Money Maker Header

“In his relentless pursuit of the Roadrunner, Wile E. Coyote has relied on many fine products from the Acme Corporation. But have they kept up with modern times? Refer to this poster of every Acme Product designed by Rob Loukotka — and find something new for Wile E. Design it as a drawing or a poster.”








Boston Header

“Try this nifty web tool to generate art from drawing with triangles.”


“Visit the home Google Street View to find a spot of interest which you have not and will most probably never visit in your life.”








“Find a photograph that captures the words of Shakespeare. Even better if you can go beyond the literal. Tag #shakespeare400.”

Wordsworth Found Header

“Leave 1, 2, or more books you no longer need to keep in a public place for someone else; if you choose leave a request to contact you by email. Take one photo and do not look back. This is modeled after The Reading Project.”








Postcards from Miami Header

“It’s important to mess with reality a bit which is why I like this idea. Show an image of one place to promote tourism in another place that is obviously not that place.”