Engaging with Buyers and Sellers was created using Articulate Storyline 2 and Adobe Photoshop. This eLearning showcases my creative eye for design, my knowledge of adult learning theories, and my ability to work with “dry” content and make it engaging and at times, a bit humorous. To design this project, I was given the two resources that can be found in the Resources tab within the eLearning and asked to “give it a go.” The entire Storyline file was designed and developed in eight hours. (The eLearning below is only┬ásample and incomplete.)

Click the Start button below to complete the eLearning. Click the Resources tab to view the documents I used as the subject material.

Here are the answers to the interactions:

  • Seller -top / Buyer – bottom
  • (click on Lucinda’s desk) Offers and Counter-Offers / Addenda to the real estate sales contract / Amendments to the real estate sales contract
  • (click on the locked file folder) No way!