INTE 6930: Internships in Information and Learning Technologies

For my internship in this master’s program, I designed and developed a microlearning website (LearnAtomic) for a medium-sized company.  Upon completion of the implementation phase, if the results show the program to be successful, this website and its five courses will serve as a model to be used going forward.

  • Click here to read the Project Proposal that outlines the presented problems and opportunities, project goals, audience, planned activities, methods for assessing success, and anticipated outcomes.
  • Click here to view the hours worked for this internship project.
  • Click here to read the Field Experience Report that explains the needs that were assessed, the plan behind the project, the concept and development of LearnAtomic, and an evaluation of the program and my participation in it.  You can also read the report in this page, just below the LearnAtomic button.

Please email me or fill out the contact form if you have any questions.